We live in a world in which the Western culture is widely embraced. Western influences can be seen from Asia to the Middle East and everywhere in between, and Africa isn’t left out. Africans have been greatly influenced and this reflects in our entire way of life: from what we eat, to the way we talk, our choice of entertainment and most especially our sense of style.

We have embraced the Western way of life with open arms and unintentionally pushed our culture to the background. So how then can we preserve our rich African culture and sense of style and yet be in touch with the rest of the world? Well we have the answers right here.

In this post we’ll be sharing tips on how to nail the ‘Modern African Man’ look. This is the answer to “how can men infuse a touch of Africa in their everyday wears, be it formal, semi – formal or casual outfits, without appearing too traditional?”

Here are 3 stylish ways to achieve the Modern African look…

  • African Print Ties, Pocket Squares and Lapel Pins This is one of our favorites. Accessorize your 3-piece suit or the classic shirt, pants and blazer with an African print tie, pocket square and lapel pins as the outfit demands. Ensure not to go overboard. One or two accessories at a time helps you stay classy and stylish.

  •  African Print Scarf – for a semi-formal or casual look an African Print Scarf is the way to go. It helps to keep you warm on those chilly days and also shows that you represent the African culture everywhere you go.

  •  Arm Candy – One can never go wrong with this. A stack of bracelets is also another way to spice up a casual look. Throw on a T-shirt, shorts and leather sandals and add a stack of bracelets for that casual outing with the guys.                                                              Shop similar here and hereThat’s it guys, we have something in the works for the ladies so be sure to look out for it.

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