Nandi Madida is a South African media personality, fashion designer, musician, and actress who has been captivating audiences since the age of eight. She is also a respected fashion and style icon whose name sits at the top of many best-dressed lists in the continent and abroad.

Today we shine the spotlight on her as Zoede Style Star of the Week. She deserves this title as she truly resonates what a Modern African Woman should be.

Nandi understands that jewelry and accessories are key in a woman’s wardrobe and when it comes to headwraps and African fabric she sure knows how to fuse both with her modern wardrobe.

For your style inspiration here are 7 of our favorite looks from Nandi Madida

1. These Statement Earrings are everything

2. A Beaded necklace always add an extra touch

3. Who can resist a traditional cap

4.  Gorgeous Necklace for a photoshoot

5. A true African Queen

6. Baring it all in African jewelry

7. Another lovely look