Africa is truly blessed with abundant resources and of courses talented creatives and 21-year-old Laetitia KY is one of those talents we’re in awe of. Laetitia is a fashion designer and art addict from Ivory Coast who uses her hair as a medium of expression and art form. This comes at a time when African women have begun to embrace their beautiful kinks.

The designer and artist got into the spotlight after posting a series of amazing hair sculptures on her Instagram page. These sculptures and illustrations touches on real life stories and societal issues in the most unique way ever.

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What started out as a fun experiment has now turned into something of an occupation for the 21-year-old, as she seeks to use black hair as a medium for social commentary on topics such as feminism, pop culture and racism, gun violence, and so much more.

Ky thought of the idea when she came across an Instagram account showing photos of African women in traditional dresses, with their natural hair arranged in eclectic styles. She played with various props to shape her hair – from metal wires, to hangers and pieces of kaleidoscopic “African print” fabric.

There’s almost no image Laetitia Ky can’t sculpt from her own hair. Depending on her mood, she can shape her thick black tresses into light bulbs, trees, trumpets, bicycles or even cupcakes.

See some of our favorite hair sculptures below:

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At what level is the fight for women rights in your country ????? in mine we still have a lot of work. some women are sexually mutilated because some believe that a woman does not have the right to have sexual fulfillment. some women dont have the chance to go to school because for some it is not useful to educate a woman. ordinary sexism is second nature to some. women are paid less, sexually harassed daily, slutshamed and violence against them is justified… guys the list of women struggle here is so long…. In other contries this is even worse… Today, Is a reminder of how we have a lot of work again to do. Im sad sometime when i realise how powerless i am in front of the situation of some women in this word. But i remember that i have a powerful weapon ! ""The possibility to speak"" Think to all these women who speak everyday to say NO when Something wrong, things become a little better everyday. So dont neglect it and never lose an opportunity to speak. Thank you to all theses brave feminists men who stand with women everyday for justice and equality. You are heros too.

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