Leather sandals are comfortable, stylish, and tend to be more durable than sandals made from other materials. On the downside, they also tend to show dirt, water stains, and other marks that cause them to lose their fresh appearance.

If you want your sandals to stay in tip-top condition then it’s probably time to learn how to clean them properly. The way you clean them depends on the issue: Are they just smelly, or are they actually dirty?

If you’re unsure of how to clean your leather sandals, here are few tips to make sure you don’t ruin the leather and keep them in great condition to last you a long time.

1. Rub Dirt Off

Before putting any type of liquid on your sandals, decide if the spots are solid or stained. If there is dirt or any solid material on it, use a soft cloth to try to rub that off first.

2. Wash the sandals

Begin by moistening a clean, soft cloth, then apply a small amount of soap or leather conditioner to the cloth then gently rub the dirty spots.

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3. Wipe Off Soap or Leather Conditioner

Using another clean, slightly damp cloth, use a circular motion to remove the product from the leather. Be sure you remove it all. If one cloth is not enough to remove the product, use another.

4. Dry In The Sun

The best way to dry your leather sandals is in the sun — but try to avoid direct sunlight, because the sun can break down the leather and cause cracking. Also, don’t try to dry your sandals by rubbing them and don’t wear the sandals until they’re completely dry.

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