The Wolof people are a West African ethnic group majorly inhabiting Senegal and some parts of The Gambia and Mauritania. In Senegal, the Wolof are the largest ethnic group. They speak the Wolof language and are also educated in French which is the country’s official language.

The Wolof are one group of people who pay much attention to their appearance and this is very evident in their way of life. They are known for their elaborate sense of style and are very particular about dressing and grooming. To a Wolof, what you wear tells a lot about you.

The women are always seen in elaborate clothing, exquisite hairstyles and expensive gold jewelry. In fact, there’s a popular belief that they do not mind being in debt just to create an impression.

According to Wikipedia, “the Wolof have had a rigid, patriarchal, endogamous social stratified society at least since the 15th-century. The social strata have included a free category called geer, a castes category called nyeenyo or neeno, and a servile category of slaves called jaam.”

Senegalese – American model, Khoudia Diop popularly known as the melanin goddess is a member of the Nyeenyo caste, the blacksmiths and metalworkers of the caste system. Recently she showcased her rich Wolof heritage in a photoshoot series tagged “Nyenyo” documented by Joey Rosado of Island Boi Photography in honor of her caste. The shoot features Khoudia wearing exotic garb,rich traditional jewelries and of course an eye catching braided hairstyle.

Here are some pictures from the shoot and other exotic jewelry associated with the Wolof tribe…Khoudia Diop

Other famous Wolof People include:

  • American singer and songwriter, Akon
  • American basketball player for the Minnesota Wolves,Gorgui Dieng

Next week we’ll be shining the spotlight on another unique ethnic group, make sure to look out for it.

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