Ciara showed us as Nakia for Halloween and we’re totally in love!

Ever since the hit Marvel Film, Black Panther hit theatres in February the costumes and characters have been a source of inspiration for a number of photo shoots and creative works. It didn’t come as a surprise that American singer, Ciara drew inspiration from the film for this years Bacardi USA Halloween Party.

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The “Level Up” singer recreated Nakia’s Dora Milaje’s costume and we’re totally in love. She donned a gleaming black, red, and gold structured suit and bodice with a pair of thigh-high boots. Her gold jewellery – including a statement necklace and bangles was the spice of the look. To top it all off, she rocked a hairstyle similar to Nakia’s “Wakandan knots”. The entire ensemble has us so mesmerized that there’s only one thing left to say: WAKANDA FOREVER!!!

The costume even got a shout-out from Nakia herself, Lupita Nyong’o, who reposted the video with the caption, “

My Wakanda Knots have unravelled!”


See more photos below:

ciara nakia halloween 2018

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ciara nakia halloween 2018