About Us

Zoede is an emerging artisanal marketplace for the discerning globally minded shopper. Zoede offers carefully selected handmade accessories & decor by internationally-acclaimed and locally-known African creatives.

Our ‘open-air’ themed online market is a place of commerce, culture and community where you build lasting relationships with designers who understand your crave for uniqueness. At Zoede you purchase directly from talented entrepreneurs, empowering them to build successful businesses and ultimately improve their communities from the comfort of your device.

African fashion, style, and art is not a new phenomenon but one that has been in existence since the beginning of time. We’re dedicated to using the power of technology to connect African creatives and lovers of African-inspired designs around the world.

We ensure that every product you purchase has passed through a trusted eye which guarantees that every item your purchase from Zoede.com is of the best quality.


Changing the world starts with a thought, and then a small step. That’s part of our mission here at Zoede. With the African continent providing so much of itself to the world, it’s only right that we give back. With that, we donate 2% of our profits to charities in Nigeria that make a difference in the local communities that produce some of the products we feature.

We’ll also be bringing you stories and features on both designers in these local communities, and acclaimed designers who have the story of their journey to tell.