Handmade products seem to be on trend lately and on a daily basis, people keep joining the Buy Handmade movement. You might wonder – “What’s so special about handmade items?” and “Why is buying handmade so important?”.

Today, we share our top 5 reasons why everyone should buy handmade jewelry, accessories and decor.

  • Handmade is sustainable

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A great number of handmade items are made from organically sourced materials. These materials are in turn processed manually without chemicals nor machines to produce unique products. Therefore, the production processes involved in making handmade products are eco-friendly and sustainable to the environment.

  • Handmade supports local artisans

Many handmade jewelry, accessories and decorative pieces are mainly produced by the local artisans of a particular community. By purchasing these items, you are indirectly supporting a community of people and providing a source of income for these artisans.

  • Handmade is unique

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No two hand-crafted items are exactly identical. Many artisans equally have their own special techniques and as a result, their end products can never be exact. Therefore, by purchasing a handmade item there’s a  guarantee of owning a product which no one else has a replica of.

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  • Handmade promotes and  keeps the culture alive

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Each culture and society possesses its own unique handcrafts. Be it textile weaving, jewelry making or creating unique decorative pieces. When one purchases these handmade items it helps to keep such handcrafts alive indirectly promoting such culture.

  • Handmade is foreverBuy Handmade

Unarguably, handmade products do last longer than their mass-produced counterparts.This is not surprising as they are made from quality organic materials. Also, the artisans pay attention to detail so as to create high-quality products that might last a lifetime.

Aren’t these enough reasons to join the Buy Handmade bandwagon?

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