The African print fabric fondly called Ankara is a versatile fabric that is widely accepted by fashion enthusiasts in  Africa and beyond. The versatility of the fabric has inspired clothing designers to create unique modern pieces, making the fabric less traditional.

Today, we share a 5 of our favourite Modern Outfits made from this unique fabric.

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There’s something for every stylish individual.

  • The Jumpsuit – This piece of clothing is so versatile it can be worn for formal, casual or ceremonial outings.

African print

  • The Shift Dress – This modern style is so easy breezy yet stylish. It is mostly worn for casual outings. It could be worn for date night or a trip to the movies with the girls.
    African Print


  • The Mullet Dress – This is one design that is here to stay. It could be tricky to style because of its uneven hem it can be worn for Formal and Casual occasions depending on the individual’s taste.

African print

  • The Classic Two- piece – Here’s something every guy should own. This can be worn for casual occasions and the wearer could opt for long pants for a less casual occasion.

Ankara Print


  • The Tunic – This is the most popular style of clothing for men. It’s simple, stylish and versatile. It is mostly worn for ceremonial occasions and casual outings. Many also feature an embroidered neckline to give it more eleganceAfrican print

We hope you have been inspired by this.

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