Jewelry is like the perfect spice it always complements what’s already there – Diane Von Furstenberg


Diane could not have said it any better. Unique jewelry pieces are indeed an important part of a woman’s wardrobe as it gives an added beauty to what’s already present. Any woman can buy a piece of jewelry but how she incorporates it into her wardrobe is truly important.

While building a jewellery collection it is important to note that one needs not go over-board. The key is to start small with unique pieces.

Today we share 5 unique African jewelry pieces every woman should have in her collection…

  • Coral Beads set – Be it original or faux, corals play are a big role in traditional African weddings, especially countries in West Africa. These beads are of high value and are sure to add a touch of elegance to an individuals outfit. Jewelry Pieces Jewelry Pieces
  • Crystal Beads set –  Although, crystal beads have no particular origin from Africa many African bead makers have put them to great work making amazing statement pieces that can be worn for every occasion.  These beads are durable, versatile and come in many variants

  • Ankara Statement Jewelry – Every woman loves to make a statement and what better way to do it than with jewelry made from vibrant Ankara wax print.Jewelry Pieces Related – Here’s what we love about Ankara Wax Print
  • Pearls –  Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend yet pearls are classy and timeless pieces. For an elegant yet sophisticated look, pearls should be your go-to.

Jewelry Pieces

  • Metallic jewelry with gemstone accents – This list would not be complete without metallic jewelry. Sometimes beads might not do the trick but metallic pieces will come to the rescue. These pieces pair well with all outfits and looks.Jewelry Pieces

    All jewelry pieces listed above are available for purchase in our stores.

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